Monday, February 20, 2012

A Better Horse There Has Never Been

Dragonfire Kublakhan is the best horse that has ever graced this planet. Period. He has been a mentor to a conflicted teenaged girl, he has been a fierce competitor that knew no bounds despite his ignorant rider, and he has been a babysitter to every tiny tot that has come along in our Academy including the third generation Dragonfire Lady Rider, Taylor McFall. Kublakhan transcends all expectations of his breed and size, and instead simply reflects the purity of his creation which has no knowledge of boundaries. He has done what no one thought he could do in competition, and yet his greatest success must be his his ability to reach the heart of all who know him. Watching him still, at 29 years of age, takes my breath away.

Khan and Jennifer Wild Horse Valley Ranch circa 1994

Khan and Jennifer Ram Tap Horse Trials circa 1991
Khan and Jennifer at his Morgan Medallion Hall of Fame induction

Here's Khan and Taylor at the 2011 Motherlode Horse Show in their first Dressage Test together

This is Khan at 22 years of age being inducted into the Morgan Medallion Hall of Fame

                        Taylor's first video she edited: Khan playing at 29 years young


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