Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ride Times For Hawley Bennett Feb 22-23, 2014

Are you ready for round two? I know I am! Please be warmed up and ready before your ride time starts so that you can get the full benefit of your time with Hawley. No need to bring a sack lunch as we will be on hand with a snack bar including lunch items, so you will be able to stay the day and watch the rest of the lessons without starving to death. 

Saturday 2/22                                                     Sunday 2/23
                                                                            7:30 Cori Davis (dressage)
8:00: Jen McFall (dressage)                                8:00: Group 1
8:30: Group 1                                                     8:30: Group 2
9:00: Group 2                                                     9:45: Group 3
10:15: Group 3                                                   11:00: Group 4
Lunch                                                                 Lunch
12:00: Group 4                                                   12:45: Group 5
1:15: Group 5                                                     200: Group 6
2:30: Group 5                                                     3:15: Group 7
3:45: Group 7     

Group 1: Jen McFall, Cori Davis
Group 2: Jen McFall, Kate Lathrop, Caroline Dein
Group 3: Sophia Zeier, Amanda Blaszkowski, Ari Kann, Ann Byron
Group 4: Jen McFall, Natalie Jensen,  Mia Bouslaugh, Val Ashker, Earl McFall
Group 5: Hailey Popham, Erin Critz, Stephanie Nicoria, Makena Graber
Group 6: Michelle Wenell, Christine Lekutis, Taylor McFall, Sabrina Santos, Shayna Silcox
Group 7: Sabrina Santos, Ashleigh Guich, Meghan Allen, Earl McFall

Let's learn and grow! Onward and upward!!


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