Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Joyful Union

There is nothing more pleasing than watching the connection between a horse and rider become a bond. It's even better when we've had a hand in it! So, we congratulate Anne Brackett on her purchase of her four-legged soul mate, Silver King Upandy. Anne's endeavors include the Mature Rider's Group with Cheron, jumping lessons with Earl, and general horsey-fun with the DF clan. Whatever the occasion, these two are surely going to have endless adventures going wherever their hearts lead them.

A "Magical" Christmas for Kammy

Ragtime White Magic, or "Merlin", has cast his charming spell on Kammy Bhala just in time for the holidays. Her recent purchase of this fine colt will insure her a very Happy Christmas indeed! Merlin is a very sporty youngster who will be Kammy's partner in the Dressage court under the guidance of Cheron Laboissonniere. Congratulations to you both!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Student of the Year: Christina Underwood

We are proud to announce that Christina Underwood is Dragonfire's first Student of the Year! A true inspiration to us all, Christina has graduated from the Academy Shows held at Dragonfire, all the way to completing a recognized Horse Trials at the Beginner Novice level, just in one short year.

Christina has had to overcome a great loss on her way to success. In the middle of the year, she lost her beloved mare, Star, to colic. She was faced with the challenge of riding a new mount and the fear that she would not have the same bond that she had with Star. But, if there is anything that Christina has loads of, it's determination. With her goal of becoming an event rider in mind, she began her partnership with The Dark Knight aka "Masto".

After several sweaty lessons a week, road trips to school cross country, DF's Boot Camp at Eventful Acres, and one attempt at Copper Meadows that she was unable to finish, Christina and Masto conquered the Fall Event at Ram Tap Horse Trials. Wow!

So, you might think that after all of that, Christina would take a little breather and ease off the riding for the Holidays. Well, you'd be wrong! She is already training for her next goal... to show at The 2011 Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT. All we can say is lead the way, Christina, we here at Dragonfire are right behind you!


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