Sunday, November 8, 2015

Brownies Sweeten The Day At Dragonfire

Earning Badges!
Today, Dragonfire hosted the Girl Scouts Heart Of Central California Troupe 1702, Brownie Division, for seven and eight year old girls. The youngsters had a wonderful time earning their Horsemanship Badges, while getting to know some of the instructors here at The Academy @ Dragonfire, as well as our trustworthy lesson horses and ponies. Several learning stations went on simultaneously, as the kids rotated through the lessons about the parts of the horse, equipment, grooming and riding skills. It was a wonderful day spent with these new horse enthusiasts!

A little Maybelline love.

Learning the parts of the horse and tack.

Grooming session!
Dragonfire is thrilled to introduce today's youth to the benefits of time spent with horses and the life lessons and skills the equestrian endeavor can offer.


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