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Taylor McFall and Kilbarry Prince Heat Up The West Coast

Summers can really sizzle out here on the West Coast with temperatures reaching well into triple digits for weeks at a time. Taking a cue from our local thermometer, Taylor McFall and her endearing pony Kilbarry Prince,  turned up the heat in their performances at Rebecca Farm and the West Coast Pony Club Eventing Championships this Summer.

Taylor McFall and Kilbarry Prince in their first career trot up.
At twelve years old, Taylor was by far the youngest entry in the Rebecca Farm Novice Three Day in Kalispell, Montana. Not to be intimidated by the more complicated format of the full phased three day, Taylor attacked the competition with the same focused determination that helped her to raise the funds to buy Prince in the first place. With the help of her coach, Hawley Bennett, and the support of Team DF behind her, Taylor had a Three Day debut to remember.

Taylor and Prince set out on steeplechase.
On Friday night, after the dressage phase, Taylor was also the official "entertainment" at the Kerrits BBQ. Taylor combined her love for creative writing and eventing and made up a Mad Lib that the audience got to fill in the blanks prior to hearing the story. Party-goers were then were delighted with the final outcome.

Taylor's audience participation Mad Libs was a hit!
Here is Taylor's story with the audience's inserts in parenthesis:

 Prince's Unexpected Adventure

Once upon a time, Prince was on his way to Rebecca Farms and was excited to jump over their famous serpent in the water jump. Earl was pulling the trailer with his ( chartreuse)  ( Weiner dog sled ) when they came to a stop light. Prince looked out the window of the trailer and saw a ( putrid ) ( huckleberry pie ) tree. He just had to get a better look, so he opened the door and exited the trailer. Right when he started to ( shovel  ) the yummy leaves into his mouth the trailer had already driven off.

" Oh no!!" Prince said. " I have to get the my first Three Day Event! What will I do?"   Prince started to panic but ( Michael Jung) pulled up in his brand new (chariot) and offered to give Prince a ride. They turned on the radio to listen to ( Call Me Maybe) and did the (Nay Nay) all the way to Oregon.

They were about to run out of gas when ( Justin Bieber)  was on the side of the road, holding an ( ice cream sundae ). Prince made them pull over and asked " Ooo! Can I have some?" ( Justin Bieber) made a (cross-eyed smile)  and ( rhythmic danced) over to the car. Then he grabbed Prince and ran off. Prince, panicking, made a ( snarffle ) sound and (cart wheeled) his attacker. Now free, he galloped to the nearest building which happened to be an abandoned (flip flop) shack. He opened the ( fluffy ) door and found ( Tamie Smith ) ( fencing ) around an old ( pineapple ) shaped plane.

" What are you doing?" Asked Prince.
" The real question is, how are you going to get to your first Three Day Event?" queried (Tamie Smith ).
" Well ummmm..." Prince trailed off.
" Let's just take my plane to Rebecca Farm, I'm sure it will be safe!" ensured ( Tamie Smith)

So they went up into the air in the ( jagged ) old plane. Prince was sweating from his fear of ( blinking) and ( Tamie Smith) pointed and cheered as they passed the border into Idaho. But in the split second that ( Tamie Smith ) let go of the stearing wheel to clap, the plane went out of control and they plummeted to the ground! Prince knew all he could do was jump, so he imagined that this was just another ( 12.2 meter) oxer and hoped for the best.
Luckily, he landed on a flying ( fat ) ( aardvark) that brought him safely to the ground.  Now, in the ( beautifully awesome  )  wilderness of Idaho, Prince tried to find a road, so he could find his way to Rebeca Farms. After hours of searching, Prince began to lose hope, until he heard someone humming  (Her Lips Taste Like Sangria ) from an ( 8.5 foot ) tall tree. Prince looked up and saw ( Buck Davidson )!
" Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found you!" exclaimed Prince.
" Looks like you are having trouble getting to Rebecca for your first Three Day, Maybe I can help." Said ( Buck Davidson ). Grateful for the helping hand, Prince agreed.
( Buck Davidson ) used his (wizard) powers to teleport Prince to the entrance to Rebecca farms.
" Whoa, thanks ( Buck Davidson )" said Prince.
Prince was about to enter the show gates when someone stopped him. He turned to see ( Miss Piggy ) guarding the gaits and she said " I'm sorry sir, but I can' t let you in there, you are simply too ( sexy)."

" No, you don't understand, I'm competing here and you have to let me in!" pleaded Prince.

" Sorry, I'm too busy ( somersaulting) to let you in."
Prince fumed with anger and ( squatted ) off to think of a plan. The problem was that Prince could not think of what to do, so he just ( pooped) in anger. " Aaaa!!! What will I do? How am I supposed to..." Prince stopped worrying when he saw a Kerrits van driving towards him. It stopped next to him and the driver rolled down the widow. The driver was Princess ( Ariel ) and she said " Hey Prince! What are you doing here? You should be getting ready for your first Novice There Day!" 

" I wish, but the bouncer won't let me in!" answered Prince.

" I think I can help." said Princess (Ariel  )

Prince sat in the ( floppy) back of the van that was delivering  ( 32) ( turquoise  ) Ice Fil Shirts to the Rebecca Farm Store. As they pulled up to the gate (Miss Piggy ) came up to the car window and asked " Are you on the VIP list, because if you aren't, I can't let you in because I am ( twerking) right now." Princess (Ariel  ) remembered that she had forgotten to sign up for the VIP list but then an idea popped into her head. She grabbed a pile of Ice Fil Shirts and said " Well, if you don't let us in then I guess you won't get any of these ( chic ) Ice Fil Shirts."
( Miss Piggy ) was not about to give up a good opportunity, so she took the shirts and let them through.

In the end, Prince was able to ride in the event and compete at one of the best shows in the country,  and had lots of fun, and finally jumped the famous serpent water jump. He than thanked Princess( Ariel ),Kerrits, and all of his new friends along the way for getting him there.

The end.
A mother/daughter moment after the excitement of Endurance day.
Taylor and Prince have a double clear show jumping round.
With only a handful of time penalties in the steeplechase, Taylor and Prince added no jumping penalties to their Dressage score to finish the weekend in twelfth place. 

After a successful Three Day debut, Taylor and Prince kept the hot streak going at the Western Pony Club Eventing Championships in Woodside, California.  Scoring a personal best in Dressage with a 29.8%, Taylor and Prince gave a fault free performance the rest of the weekend to end on that score.

Taylor and Prince break the 20's barrier.
Taylor was stellar in stable management as well, and was awarded the honors of being the top scoring overall pony clubber in the Novice division. On top of winning individually, her team finished second overall in the Novice. She was most thrilled with her third place in the Woodside horse trials division, finishing with her best score by far. Taylor's determination and upbeat attitude have shown us all what a little love and patience can do.

Life is good!
With school starting, Prince is taking a little well-deserved break from showing, while Taylor is tackling ninth grade Biology and Shakespeare classes amongst her normal class load. She continues to love Writing and Art, two subjects that both sides of her family enjoy. Later this Fall Taylor plans to show both Prince, and her four year old homebred, SirUP!, to finish out the 2015 season.

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