Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ride Times For Hawley Bennett Clinic Sept. 27, 2015

Our final clinic with Hawley Bennett will be a great one day prep for Woodside and the rest of the Fall Season. We can't believe that the year is already wrapping up! Remember to be a little early so that you can be warmed up and ready for your ride. Auditors are welcome, and free of charge.

8 AM Group 1
915 AM Group 2
1030 AM Group 3
15 minute break
12 PM Group 4
115 PM Group 5
230 PM Group 6

Group 1: Nicole Carroll, Erin Serefini, Marissa Neilsen
Group 2: Dana Todd, Addison LoPiccolo, Stephanie Nicoria, Earl McFall/Dinero, Kat Wulstein
Group 3: Christina Brennan, Lindsey McKinney, Shannon Hurger, Charlotte Babbitt, Haley Abbett
Group 4: Nicole Fuentes, Elizabeth Fickert, Taylor McFall, Amanda Blake
Group 5: Brook Rodgers, Kaitlin Ramos, Jen McFall/Stoney, Earl McFall/Scotty
Group 6: Kat Wulstein, Caroline Dein, Miranda Olagary, Sophie Weisman

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