Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ride Times For Hawley Bennett Clinic July 11-12, 2014

Hawley with her WEG silver medal

Are you ready for some Summer fun and learning? Please be warmed up and ready before your ride time starts so that you can get the full benefit of your time with Hawley. Don't forget we will be having a BYOB pool party up at the house that will most likely last all Friday and could potentially end up at the State Fair. Who knows?!

Friday 7/11                                                    Saturday 7/12
7:30 Jen McFall (dressage)                              
8:00: Cori Davis (dressage)                                8:00: Group 1
8:30: Group 2                                                     8:45: Group 2
9:45: Group 3                                                     10:00: Group 3
11:00: Group 4                                                   11:15: Group 4
Lunch                                                                 Lunch
12:45 Group 5                                                    1:00: Group 5
2:00: Group 6                                                     215: Group 6

Group 1: Jen McFall (Billy), Cori Davis (Ty)
Group 2: Caroline Dein, Samantha Bachelder, Shelby Jones, Crystal Newhall
Group 3: Mia Bouslaugh, Morgan Wenell, Natalie Jensen
Group 4: Jen McFall (Jake), Hailey Popham, Stephanie Nicoria,  Earl McFall (Kasey)
Group 5: Michelle Wenell, Taylor McFall, Lura O'Brian, Erin Critz (Saturday only)
Group 6: Earl McFall (Max Sat only), Amanda Blake, Meghan Lawrence, Cori Davis (Sienna)

Let's learn and grow! Onward and upward!!

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