Saturday, September 14, 2013

Praise For The Academy @ Dragonfire

These Kind words were sent in to me from a parent of one of our students and I had to share!

"When it became clear to me that my 4.5 year old daughter not only wanted to but was ready to learn to ride I set about finding a suitable program.  My idea of suitable is based on my 30 years of horse experience some of which includes being the leader of an equine youth organization.  In my mind a good lesson program has the following attributes;
Provides appropriate horses and ponies that are safe, the right size for you and that have the right level of training for your current ability.
Will provide an instructor who understands your capabilities who knows when to push you and when to back off and who has a large enough toolkit to deal with issues as they arise.
Keeps riding groups small so that you receive enough individual instruction to progress.
Will value and teach the care and upkeep of horses so you become a good horse person not just a good rider.
Will be safe but fun.
You would think that finding such a program in an area like Sacramento would be easy but it is not.  Luckily I remembered Dragonfire and their Academy. Not only would they take my daughter (not many places allow kids to start at 4.5) but they met all my above criteria and more.  My daughter and I now happily spend our Sunday mornings at Dragonfire and in 6 months she has gone from complete beginner to trotting and cantering independently on a pony who will surely become a saint. While I watch my daughters lessons I get to watch friendships being made between horse crazy 10 year olds hanging out at the barn, adult ladies taking lessons in order to achieve various non-competitive goals as well as ambitious teens hoping to give the professionals a run for their money in the competition arena.   There really is something for everyone here!
Horse barns that offer competitive options are not always the friendliest places to hang out, however everyone I have met at Dragonfire instructors, owners, boarders, kids and other parents are friendly and supportive. Dragonfire’s Academy really is a great place to learn to ride whatever your age, ability, and competitive aspirations. I think I look forward to my Sunday mornings at Dragonfire as much as my daughter and that’s saying something." ~Clair T.

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