Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011 Student Of The Year: Merissa Underwood

In what seems to be a family tradition, another Underwood has been chosen as a Dragonfire Student of the Year. Christina shall be passing this great honor down to her daughter, Merissa, who has earned the title with determination and the true guts of the event rider she is.

Living proof that hard work pays off.

Last year's struggles for Merissa would have discouraged a lesser individual. Faced with difficult rides, injuries, and trainers that demanded she take a season to relearn the basics, Merissa kept her chin up and  resolved to improve her skills and forget the ego. If Merissa felt frustration on this long road, we were unaware, because all she expressed was the desire to improve.

Merissa displays a beautiful position coming into the sunken road.

Truly impressive is her ability to just keep showing up. All those long hours on her journey to get to Preliminary will not come to an end now that she has reached her goal, but are yet another set of bricks in her foundation to continue her upward momentum. If there is one thing that Merissa has shown us over the course of 2011, it's that there are no limits to what she can do. Congratulations Merissa!!

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