Monday, March 5, 2012

Ride Times For The March 10-11 Clinic With Hawley

Get Ready To Jump Like Hawley!

Here's the ride times for the lucky ones that get to take advantage of the LAST Hawley Bennett Clinic in Northern California before she moves to the East Coast to prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games! I am so grateful for her time here and plan to get the most out of this up coming clinic!

Saturday 3/10                                                                      

8:00 AM: Kammy Bhala                                               
8:30 AM: Caroline Dein                                               
9:00 AM Group 1                                                            
10:00 AM Group 2                                                            
11:15-11:45 Lunch                                                            
11:45 Group  6                                                           
1:00 PM Group 3                                                            
2:15  PM Group 5                                                            
3:30 PM Group 4                                                            

  Sunday 3/11
 8:00 AM: Kammy Bhala
 8:30 AM: Jen McFall
9:00 AM Group 6
10:15 AM Group 3
11:30-12 Lunch
12 PM Group 4
1:15 PM Group 5
2:30 PM Group 2
3:45 PM Group 1

Group 1
Earl McFall
Jen McFall
Natalie Jensen

Group 2
Merissa Underwood
Stevie Boblitt
Wynter Harrison
Caroline Dein

Group 3
Ian Deiry
Hannah Jarvis
Amanda Blake
Meghan Lawrence

Group 4
Liz Hall
Hayley Sullivan
KT Hall

Group 5
Jessica Peterson 
Jen McFall 
Earl McFall 
Cori Davis

Group 6
Earl McFall 
Taylor McFall
Makena Graber

There are few spaces still available... but not many! Email Jenny at to see if there is space for you to join.

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