Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ride Times For Hawley Bennett

Hey, I left my Range Rover in that ditch!

Time to kick it into gear for 2013, and Dragonfire is doing it in style! We are so excited that the date is fast approaching for the Hawley Bennett Clinic at Dragonfire!

Please be warmed up and ready before your ride time starts so that you can get the full benefit of your time with Hawley. The Deer Creek Pony Club will be on hand with a snack bar including lunch items, so you will be able to stay the day and watch the rest of the lessons without starving to death.  To answer your questions about their products, Dragonfire Sponsors, The Soaker, and Saddle Network will be on hand to help you with your needs. Also, we are inviting our riders to a potluck dinner up at the house on Saturday night so that everyone can spend some quality time with Hawley and ask her all kinds of questions about what it feels like to represent her country in International Three Day Eventing. Please email Jenny at to let us know how many in your party are planning on coming to dinner ASAP so that we can be prepared.

Saturday 1/26                                                      Sunday 1/27
8:00: Caroline Dein  (dressage)                           8:00: Dana Todd (dressage)
8:30: Kammy Bhala (dressage)                             8:30: Kammy Bhala (dressage)
9:00: Group 1                                                      9:00: Group 1
10:15: Group 2                                                   10:15: Group 2
Lunch                                                                 Lunch
12:00: Group 3                                                   12:00: Group 3
1:15: Group 4                                                     1:15: Group 4
2:30: Group 5                                                     2:30: Group 5
3:45: Group 6                                                     3:45: Group 6
7:00: DINNER

Group 1: Jen McFall (Billy), Natalie Jensen (Wrigley), Haley Abbett
Group 2: Dana Todd, Caroline Dein (Lucy), Cori Davis (Ty), Danielle Casalett,  Maddy Rau (Aurio-Sunday only)
Group 3: Earl McFall (Tim), Natalie Jensen (Spencer), Jen McFall (Roger), Jessica Bylsma
Group 4: Kristi Alameda, Makena Graber, Mia Bouslaugh, Amanda Blake
Group 5: Cori Davis (Nick), Earl McFall (Daisy), Caroline Dein (Cricket)
Group 6: Jen Azevedo, Earl McFall (Manny), Taylor McFall, Lara Port, Maddy Rau (Joey-Saturday only)

Let's learn and grow! Onward and upward!!

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