Friday, January 25, 2013

Hawley... Headbands... Team Shirts... OH MY!

As if it wasn't exciting enough that we are having the one and only, Hawley Bennett, here to clinic tomorrow and Sunday, we are also having a bevy of our clients and sponsors wares for you to peruse. So bring you checkbooks!!

We have Team Sponsors The Soaker and The Saddle Network lined up to show you the benefits of automatically (I like that part!) soaked hay and keeping your tack safe by tagging your saddles.

We have Team DF shirts and yoga pants, as well as couture standing wraps, for sale to help support Billy's big FEI schedule this year.

For our horse's and our own heads, Frilly Fillies will have custom bonnets to make your equine partner look like a star, and Karen Jensen has adorable knitted headbands to keep you warm!

And don't forget that Deer Creek Pony Club will be on hand to keep you from getting hungry with a full snack bar both days!

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