Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jennifer McFall Featured On The Cover

The May 2011 Cover of The Morgan Horse Magazine

A heart felt THANK YOU goes out to the clients of Dragonfire that sponsored the May cover of The Morgan Horse magazine.

It was such a wonderful surprise to find out that I was to be named into the Honor Roll for my involvement with Morgans in the sport of Three Day Eventing. Of course, so many others have been a driving force in my success. Such as my family for starting Dragonfire and breeding amazing athletes for me to compete with. Dragonfire Kublakhan himself, for having a heart the size of Texas and more brains than I could ever claim at that stage of my life. And my clients/friends that have believed in me every step of the way. Without any one of these, I know that I could not have stumbled on to the wonderful path that I travel today. I am blessed in every way, and believe me, I know it!


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