Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Galway CIC and Twin Rivers CCI Recap

Both the Galway CIC ** and the Twin Rivers CCI** were successful trips for Earl and the Dream Girl (AKA In A Dream). Galway was their first FEI competition together and was a bit of a eye opener on the mare's depth. She was very good for the Dressage, but may have rather left it at that on Friday. Instead she was asked to jump her show jump round in 90 degree weather later that same day when she had been used to the mid-fifties. Though the distances and rhythm were good, she just couldn't leave those colored rails alone and three came down. Earl was very disappointed and a bit worried about what the next day would bring for them on the longest track they would have tackled together to date. But Dream came thru like a true professional and they made short work of the big and technical course. Devyn and I had a bit of "an incident" trying to keep up with them on course, and had to be satisfied with the announcer telling us of their job well done at each complex. By adding only a few seconds to their score, they moved up in the placings and finished the competition in seventh.

High Times and Jennifer McFall at the Preliminary double corners

Earl McFall and In A Dream blazing around cross country at the Galway CIC**

Which is faster: horse or machine?? The Answer: When Devyn and Jenny are riding double on a dirt bike, definitely HORSE! This is a picture of the skid mark we left trying to keep up with Earl and Dream. The print of where we rolled around on the ground after the bike reared over on us, and the embarrassed faces of the onlookers...not shown.

Earl's prowess across country was a highlight at The Twin Rivers CCI**. The eight minute track was quite a bit longer than Galway, so fitness and the rider's ability to stay sharp at the end came into play. Earl and Dream were certainly up to the task, and the duo turned quite a few heads with their textbook round. To top off the weekend, they bettered their stadium record the next day with just one down to finish in fifth overall.

Both High Times and Wrigley had stellar rounds in the Preliminary level with myself and Natalie Jensen aboard. We were both looking for clean and confident trips around the cross country with our somewhat emotional boys. Although we sacrificed time to go clean, we both felt we made strides to improve our horses' ride-ability.

Earl McFall and In A Dream are in their element at the Twin Rivers CCI**

Natalie and I rejoice after a very fun weekend

Billy (AKA High Times) resting up for his Stadium performance

Billy's respect for paint helps him on his way to another clear round

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