Friday, March 17, 2017

The Academy @ Dragonfire Can Help Your Child Thrive

Established in 1977, Dragonfire Farm is a family owned and operated business that boasts three generations of equestrians and over a century of combined horsemanship and show ring experience. With two International Three-Day Event riders in Earl and Jennifer McFall,  a World Champion Dressage rider in Cheron Laboissonniere, and a team of highly qualified Academy Instructors, Team DF cannot be beat.

Our Academy encourages children to explore the mental and physical benefits of horseback riding, with a strong emphasis on horsemanship and the responsibilities of caring for their equine partners. Academy Riders are introduced to friendly competition and learn the values of sportsmanship and working together as a team. Compassion for animals and fellow competitors is instilled through our program's teaching.

The Academy @ Dragonfire is a top vendor for local Charter Schools, giving home-schooled children the opportunity for a well-rounded physical education. If your children attend South Sutter, Inspire (formerly known as Summit), Visions, or  a Charter encompassed by Pacific Charter Institute, starting your child in riding lessons is just a call to your Educational Specialist away. Studies have shown that an active interest in sports, such as horseback riding, and the arts have a positive impact on a child's ability to succeed academically. Here at Dragonfire, we have seen this to be true in many of our past and present students.

Through equestrian competition, we can help to give your child the tools necessary to understand that a strong work ethic and focus on setting goals is the way to success. 

The Academy @ Dragonfire is here to help your children achieve and thrive! Contact Cheron at 916-204-4247 to schedule your first lesson today to see how we can change your child's life for the better!

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