Monday, January 19, 2015

Ride Times For Hawley Bennett January 2015 Clinic

Are you ready to get back into gear? I know we are!! Thank goodness Team DF is hosting Hawley Bennett for a clinic this weekend! Please be warmed up and ready before your ride time starts so that you can get the full benefit of your time with Hawley, and if you are new to Dragonfire, please make sure to sign a release in the lounge BEFORE getting on. Thank you!

Can we do this on Sunday??

Saturday 1/24

7:30 Mia Bouslaugh flat
8:00 Jen McFall flat
8:30 Kammy Bhala flat
9:00 Group 1
10:15 Group 2
11:30 Group 3
12:45 break
1:00 Group 4
2:15 Group 5
3:30 Group 6
4:45 reset jumps for Sunday (helpers needed!)

Sunday 1/25

8:00 Kammy Bhala flat
8:30 Group 1
9:45 Group 2
11:00 Group 3
12:15 break
12:30 Group 4
1:45 Group 5
3:00 Group 6

Group 1: Jen McFall, Erin Serafini, Cori Davis, Caroline Dein
Group 2: Mia Bouslaugh, Kat Wulstein, Wynter Harrison
Group 3: Hailey Popham, Marissa Nielsen, Natalie Jensen, Meghan Lawrence
Group 4: Amanda Blake, Cori Davis, Taylor McFall, Rachael Perry
Group 5: Shauna Diller, Liz Stohlman, Callan Weiss, Ashleigh Guich
Group 6: Earl McFall, Tanni MacDonald, Cat Conklin-Kische, Laurel Dein-Chillingworth

Let's learn and grow! Onward and upward!!

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