Tuesday, June 3, 2014

EFA-X Joins Team DF

We are very excited to announce our newest sponsor, EFA-X. EFA-X™ is a very unique, easily digestible, vegetable based fatty acid feed concentrate for horses. The EFA-X™ proprietary process enables today’s sport and leisure horse to get the crucial essential fatty acids they need to perform to their fullest and live a healthy life. The EFA-X™ self-emulsification in the Stomach and small intestine, ensure a quick Cross-Membrane process into the blood stream for an effortless utilization and readily bio-available fatty acids.

EFA-X™ offers exceptionally high nutritional value, even for the most sensitive horse. Over twice the instant available Mcal than the best weight building and performance enhancing products. EFA-X™ contains no genetically modified raw materials, no chemical-based compounds, no artificial additives and there is no presence of any known allergens. EFA-X™ does not conflict with any current FEI or USEF regulations.

We started using EFA-X on some of our performances horses a couple of months ago and saw a huge difference, especially in High Times. EFA-X was a crucial part of his nutritional plan leading up to and during his 4**** Rolex performance. His muscle tone improved significantly and so did his stamina. Not only did it improve his overall shape, it also aided in a quick recovery after his tough cross country exertion, and he felt happy and ready to work the following day for stadium. We would recommend this product to anyone looking to keep their performance horse in top shape at a price you can afford.

Check them out here!

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