Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let's Make A Difference!

If there is one thing I know about Team DF, it is that it is a big group of GREAT PEOPLE! And, we have the power to make a difference this holiday season for those in a little need of a helping hand. We will have a collection box at our Christmas Party on the 15th, where we invite you to bring something off of the Loaves And Fishes of Sacramento Wish List.

Let's reach out to our community and lend a hand while celebrating our team's wonderful accomplishments and friendships. Here is the list of items you can choose from. We will bring in the donations on Monday for you.

General Needs
Toilet Paper
Sleeping Bags & Blankets (new and gently used)
Back Packs
Regional Transit Passes
Band Aids, Combs and Brushes
Fast Food Restaurant Coupons
Small Toiletries: Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Vaseline, Chapstick, Cough Drops
ToothPaste & Toothbrushes
Gift Certificates - Target/Walmart/Safeway/Raleys
Bicycle Tire Repair/Patch Kits
Coffee - Large Cans
Coats, Jackets & Gloves
Sweatshirts (Large - X-Large)
Tube Socks
Reading Glasses (No RX)
New Underwear (All Sizes)
Sweat Suits (Large - 3X-Large)
Baby Bottles
Diapers (All sizes)
Non Soy Baby Formula w/iron
Jars of Baby Food
Sweat Suits (All Sizes)
Please no used clothing, household items, or toys other than the specific items listed above.
Paper Goods What about a paper drive? (We are unable to use most canned foods.)
Toilet paper
Paper napkins
Paper towels
Paper cups
Small Dixie cups
Dining Room & Food Supplies
Coffee mugs
Metal forks
Large zip lock bags
Fast food coupons
Salt & Pepper (Large)
Hygiene Items
Razors and after shave
Q Tips
Depends (adult diapers)
Tooth paste and brushes
Shampoos (Large & Small)
Conditioners (Small)
Lotions (Small)
Small sewing kits
Small first aid kits
Baby Items
Diapers (large & toddler sizes)
Baby wipes
Baby juices
Powdered formula
Baby bottles (plastic)
Baby food
Canned food
Large dry food
Pet Carriers
Guest's Gear
Sleeping bags
Small plastic tarps
Towels & Washcloths
Small can openers
Bike tire patch kits
Bike lights
Large candles
AA batteries
Reading glasses
RT bus passes
Special Clothing
Because we do not have a clothing closet we can onlyaccept these items:
Rain ponchos
New socks
New underwear (Men & Women)
New bras
Stretch gloves
Knit hats
Tennis Shoes (Men & Women)

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