Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Ride With Pippa Funnell

Pippa watching Billy and I through the water complex
It seems that Earl and I are making the Annual Fundraiser Clinic at Galway Downs our official destination to celebrate our anniversary. I can think of no better place to bask in our marital bliss than down in Temecula riding with none other than THE Pippa Funnell! Never mind that we have to turn around and make the ten hour journey again in a week and a half for the first show of the season, we love intimate sessions on I5 in a Ford truck together. It makes us giddy with romance, especially when Earl gets a good price on diesel at the truck stop.

Billy was over-the-top THRILLED to be at Galway showing off for Pippa. His enthusiasm to leap over the walk poles for her impressed her so much that she asked us to do it again...and again... and again. Her technical style and detail oriented teaching was just what I needed to help "contain his exuberance", as she put it. Although Billy could have been called wild in some circles, she couldn't help but admire him and told me he had a serious future. Coming from an English lady, I consider that a real nod in our favor.

The second day was cross country, and I wondered if my lion would shrink down to more of a mouse-sized mount on his first school of the year. Thankfully he was simply business-like, but very eager to do his job with all the confidence in the world. He was a dream to ride, and gained more praise from Pippa.

Billy negotiates the keyhole
I hear that the plan is to bring her back again next year. You better believe I will be there...with Billy AND Roger!

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