Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dragonfire Delights That Ram Tap Shall Remain

Ram Tap, the country's longest running Eventing facility has had a near brush with being discontinued. Luckily for all of us in Northern California, Ram Tap has been purchased to continue as an equine facility that will provide Eventing, Dressage and Jumper venues for many years to come. I know for Earl and I, we both have a soft spot for the place, as it was the first place we both moved up to Preliminary and Intermediate, as well as our first CCI* back as kids. And now,  Ram Tap has also been the site for several our younger DF Team members to get their first recognized event under their belt. What a treasure this facility in Fresno has been for us!

DF riders Mia Bouslaugh, Hailey Popham, Taylor McFall, Makena Graber, and Maddy Rau after a successful show
Maddy Rau and Aurio Secto

Maddy and Aurio have set themselves up for a great showing at the upcoming Training Three Day at Galway, with a big win last weekend at Ram Tap.  After one of their best performances in Dressage, the duo were well within striking distance with a second place score. And after a blazing good round cross country, Maddy set herself well ahead to win the blue in Junior Training.

Hailey Popham and Dragonfire Lotus
Hailey Popham looked like a pro aboard Dragonfire Lotus in the Junior Intro to Beginner Novice. After a solid fourth in dressage, Hailey piloted her borrowed horse through two double clear rounds and finished the weekend in second place. We couldn't be more proud of her efforts.

Mia Bouslaugh and Rani D
Also finishing our her Dressage score was Mia Bouslaugh and her new mare, Rani D. You would never have known that these two have had very little time together, as they were focused and in sync the whole weekend. Their fifth place finish in the Intro to Beginner Novice is but a glimpse of the great things to come.

Makena Graber and Mr. Chew

Of our four first-timers at a recognized event, three of them finished on their Dressage scores, including Makena Graber aboard her Mr. Chew.  In a very large field of Junior Beginner Novice competitors, Makena was calm, cool, and collected to place fifth on the final day. In fact, of Makena and Mr. Chew's three competitions together, this is their third fault-free weekend!

Taylor McFall and Roses Are Blue
After an unfortunate rerouting on cross country, Taylor McFall made up for lost time by blazing around the rest of the course with Roses Are Blue in the Junior Intro To Beginner Novice division. Surely, she won't make that mistake again, and she more than made up for it with one of the prettiest show jump rounds of the day on Sunday.

Unfortunately not pictured is Megan Soske and her handsome hunk of a chestnut, Windfall. Megan has had a long hiatus from the eventing circuit but the thrill of the jumping has called her back, and with great results! The pair finished the weekend with a fourth place in the Senior Beginner Novice and a serious case of the Eventing Bug.

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