Monday, September 17, 2012

There Is No Charge For Awesomeness

That's one happy kid
The Santa Barbara Morgan Medallion has much to offer, but Taylor might argue that the best thing at that show is the Scavenger Hunt. Stacy Hennessy organizes this great activity for the kids, in which the grand prize for winning changes every year. The 2012 prize was a chance to drive a Hackney pony center ring during the Saturday evening performance. The pony, "Awesome Spirit", was donated by Seamair Farm and their Manager/Trainer, Greg Carstens, very generously volunteered to help the winner guide the pony through the demonstration.

Little did Greg know when he signed up for this, that Taylor McFall would win the Scavenger Hunt against all of the older, more experienced girls. This meant he had a day and a half to teach a 50 pound kid who had never driven anything but a pedal tractor, how to pilot a hackney under the evening spot light.
Greg, Taylor, and "Awesome"

After a few strict lessons from Greg and some serious concentration from Taylor, it was still not clear whether Greg felt that Taylor could safely drive on her own in the coliseum. Nonetheless, we were so happy for the opportunity for Taylor to try something new, no matter what the outcome. In the end, Greg surprised us all (including Taylor!) and let her drive on her own. It was a thrilling moment for Taylor, that certainly had us a little choked up to watch. A huge thank you goes out to Greg and Awesome for their kindness, to Stacy for organizing the hunt, to Take One Video for the great DVD and to Casey McBride for capturing the moment.

Taylor McFall and Awesome Spirit

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