Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Go Billy Go": FEI Diary For High Times

Hawley helps Billy understand that Dressage happens whether you want it to or not

What a gift I have been given. I am blessed with a life that allows me to learn and grow on a daily basis surrounded by two and four legged friends and supporters. How many people can say that? The opportunity to build onto my foundation as a rider is what I relish, and I know that the opportunity only surfaces when you have a horse capable of taking you there and a dedicated team of coaches and family invested in your success. The gift, I believe, is the wisdom to finally appreciate this and enjoy the journey. For all of the times that I may not have fully appreciated my situation, I promise I am in FULL appreciation now and will squeeze every last drop of pleasure out of the road I am on.

Billy and I have an exciting few weeks ahead of us, which we kicked off with a double shot of private lessons with Hawley Bennett-Awad down at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA. This quick trip down involved an 18 hour round trip drive courtesy of Earl, for a total of an hour and a half of intense learning for me. I have been dealing with a minor injury that makes sitting excruciatingly painful, so my darling husband drove the whole way while I laid in the back of the truck. All of this on our twelve year wedding anniversary. We are such romantics!

making short work of the one stride drop into water

working on our fear of ditches

The ditch in front of this skinny was no problem!

This weekend we will be riding in our own Hawley Bennett clinic here at Dragonfire to work on the finer points of our show jumping and general good behavior. Earl and I will also be riding a few of our future stars in the clinic, something I know both of us are really looking forward to.  Then it will be off to Galway again for our first Intermediate run. 2** look comes Billy!!

Jenny and Billy

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