Monday, May 10, 2010

Student of the Month: Leida Mangang

We are proud to announce Leida Mangang as our latest Student of the Month!

Leida is a Level 2 Rider and is working fast and furious to achieve becoming a Level 3 Academy Rider. Not only does she show her initiative in her horse management studies, we can always count on Leida's independence as she insists on getting her horse ready completely alone. She is also the first to help out other students when they are in need. Leida is respectful, caring, prompt, and willing to try anything asked of her without hesitation. Not only that, she is perfectly dressed with appropriate hair (well most of the time! ;-).

Leida has that perfect blend of being competitive but with great sportsmanship at horse shows, which is so rare in individuals so young. She quietly brought all of her skills to the table with an amazing pattern at our April Academy Show and graciously received her first blue ribbon! Win or not, Leida has an extremely supportive family to cheer her on as she strives for higher equestrian goals.

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