Sunday, February 21, 2010

Student of the Month: Hana Roseberry

Our new Student of the Month is Hana Roseberry. She is definitely the pretty princess of our barn as she always comes dressed in perfect attire. Her hair is back and tidy, her breeches are spotless and her boots are shiny, and her shirt is always fitted and perfectly tucked in. She also understands the importance of grooming and takes special notice of changes in lesson horses; such as dirtiness, hoofs, hair, or any other abnormality. She also cares a lot about how the horses are feeling and always brings every horse in the barn a treat. Only freshly cut apples or carrots will do when Hana is treating!

Hana's progression has been fast and furious. When she began she was tentative at the trot. Now she is one of the best students at recognizing her correct posting diagonal. She learns her patterns quickly and always has a great time doing it. We have a rule that every time she says, "I can't", she owes me an extra "around the world" each direction. She hasn't said "I can't" in a LONG time. We are so proud to have Hana on our team! Congratulations Hana!!!


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