Monday, July 15, 2013

Dragonfire Welcomes Summit Equine Nutrition To Our Team Of Sponsors

Have you ever wondered what was the best diet for your horse? What about the right diet for your high level performer? Or your young up-and-comer? What about your retired veteran? Now try to decipher which products out of the millions available are actually worth your money! It is easy to get so confused in today's marketing and labeling of equine nutritional products, that you give up all together.

Luckily for us, there is Summit Equine Nutrition to save the day! Summit Equine Nutrition LLC is an independent consulting company owned and operated by Dr. Clair Thunes PhD. Based in Sacramento California Summit has clients across North America from back yard ponies to US team members.

No more worries about what you should feed your horse for optimal health and performance. No worries that the advice you receive is biased. They will help you create an optimally balanced diet tailored to your individual horse. They are highly qualified, independent and unbiased.

Summit Equine Nutrition and Dr Clair Thunes provide a range of independent consulting services to horse owners and companies both in the US and internationally. Services include; diet evaluations, consultations in person by phone or email, hay testing, farm visits, custom supplement formulations, public speaking, product development, and articles for equestrian publications.

Dr. Thunes' wealth of knowledge and concern about my performance horses has already given me a winning edge. As their work programs develop, the seasons change, and travel schedules fluctuate, I know that Summit Equine Nutrition will be keeping them at the top of their health all the way through. One less thing for me to worry about! I am so grateful to have Summit on my team of DF Sponsors! - Jennifer McFall

Check out the Summit Equine Nutrition website for more info! Click here!

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