Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Times Indeed: The Spring Event At Galway Downs

High Times and Jennifer McFall lead the Open Intermediate at the Spring Galway Downs from start to finish. Although ending with a blue ribbon is always nice, the true victory came in the maturity that this horse showed throughout the competition. High Times was quite workman-like in his Dressage test (which was a first!), he was adjustable in the Stadium, and was smooth and soft in his Cross Country. He even garnered compliments from the ground jury after his run! 

Dragonfire Lotus absolutely stole the show in her debut at Beginner Novice with Jennifer McFall piloting. The young Lotus was all things adorable when it came to tackling the great jump courses that Galway has to offer. She was game, easy to navigate, and picture perfect everywhere she went. Channeling her uncle, Dragonfire Kublakhan by means of wearing his breastplate, it is very possible that this little Morgan darling is going to have a fan club like his some day.

High Times is mannerly in his Dressage test

High Times

High Times quietly waits for his turn to run cross country on a foggy mornging

High Times negotiating the tough one stride question late in the course

fast away

Dragonfire Lotus

Dragonfire Lotus

Lotus in perfect form

Lotus in her Stadium round

Dragonfire Lotus

Dragonfire Lotus

polite and enthusiastic: the perfect horse!

Dragonfire Lotus

Dragonfire Lotus

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