Monday, June 6, 2011

Dragonfire Hosts It's First Academy Show of the Year

It was a great (albeit windy) day for The Academy @ Dragonfire's first show of the season. For many, this was either their first show ever or their first Combined Test. There was something for everyone as the classes ranged from Walk Trot Dressage and "rails-on-the-ground" to Preliminary Level Dressage and jumping. Everyone showed up prepared and did their best... a group that would make any trainer proud.

Sheldon Feed again sponsored the prizes for the show, which were incredibly generous. Please make sure to check them out for all of your stable needs. We had a great crew of volunteers, and a super judge in Barbara Fleming. Our thanks to them, and also to Nancy Dein for all of the photos she took that day.Without all of you, we wouldn't be able to have such a wonderful venue for our Academy riders to show what they have learned.

Toni Casados and Nick

Nancy Dein and Harry

Academy Dancer

Kammy Bhala and Merlin

still dancing

Barabara Fleming and Kathy Pinkeirt officiate

Devyn Rau and Jeanie

Stephanie Popham and Aida

Megan Watkins and Khan

Alyssa Hansen and Nick

Francesca Shaffer and Rosie

Isabel Waterman and Nick

a rockstar appearance at the Academy Show

Taylor McFall and Rosie

Natalie Jensen and Spencer

Jennifer McFall and Tim

Devyn Rau and Lotus

Tracy Felt and Nate

Natalie Jensen and Wrigley

Petra L'Ecuyer and Khan

Petra L'Ecuyer and Khan

Hailey Popham and Aida

Natalie Jensen and Spencer

Devyn Rau and Jeanie

Christina Underwood and Masto

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